Soil and soil biology

P3 are investigating how agriculture influences the physical and biological properties of soil and the knock-on effect on environment for crop produce.

We work with farming groups to develop novel interventions to increase soil quality, taking lab science out to real farms.

P3 researchers are investigating how beneficial soil microbes can be used as an alternative to inorganic fertilisers.

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Soil and soil biology research staff
  • Dr Ellie Harrison

    Dr Ellie Harrison

    • Evolutionary and ecological feedbacks within microbial communities
    • Mobile genetic elements and horizontal gene transfer
    • The impact of rapid evolution on soil ecosystems and plant health

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  • Professor Tim Daniell

    Professor Tim Daniell

    • Arbuscular mycorrhizal ecology
    • Microbial nitrogen cycling
    • Free-living nematode dynamics

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  • Dr Stephen Rolfe

    Dr Stephen Rolfe

    • Imaging plant function
    • The molecular biology of plant pathogen and symbiotic interactions
    • Plant responses to abiotic stress

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  • Professor David Read

    Professor David Read

    • Mobilisation of nutrients by ectomycorrhizal fungi
    • Effects of mycorrhizas on interspecific competition in plants
    • Effect of nitrogen deposition on soil processes and mycorrhizas

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  • Professor Jonathan Leake

    Professor Jonathan Leake

    • Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling by mycorrhizas
    • Nitrogen pollution effects on grassland soils and vegetation
    • Functional interactions between symbiotic fungi and other organisms

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  • Professor Duncan Cameron

    Professor Duncan Cameron

    • Professor and Royal Society University Research Fellow
    • Mircrobes in sustainable agro-ecosystems
    • Soils and beneficial microbes
    • Biological chemistry

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