Photosynthesis and development

P3 researchers are interested in investigating all aspects of the physiology and chemistry of photosynthesis, with the aim of increasing the efficiency of photosynthesis under climatic change.

The photosynthetic processes, such as the regulation of stomatal conductance, is linked to non-photosynthetic processes such as drought stress, water loss and development. By studying these processes we can understand how crops cope under different conditions.

P3 also has expertise in the study of the interplay between cell growth and division, and how these parameters are integrated into the developmental programme of the plant or crop.

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Photosynthesis and development research staff
  • Dr Stuart Casson

    Dr Stuart Casson

    • The mechanisms that regulate plant development
    • Studying the biochemistry and enzymology of pigment biosynthesis

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  • Emeritus Professor Peter Horton FRS

    Emeritus Professor Peter Horton FRS

    • Interdisciplinary approaches to sustainable food security
    • Understanding photoprotection in plants
    • Increasing crop yield by optimisation of photosynthesis
    • Analysis of agri-food ecosystems

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  • Professor Colin Osborne

    Professor Colin Osborne

    • Evolution of C4 photosynthesis and its ecological significance in the grasses
    • Plant-atmosphere interactions in the geological past
    • Modern plant-climate relationships

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  • Professor Andrew Fleming

    Professor Andrew Fleming

    • The molecular mechanism of plant morphogenesis
    • Leaf form and function
    • Developmental physiology and biochemistry

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  • Dr Matt Johnson

    Dr Matt Johnson

    • Leverhulme Trust Research Fellow
    • Investigating the structure, function and dynamics of photosynthetic membranes
    • Determining the molecular basis of how plants respond and adapt to changing environmental conditions

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  • Professor Julie Gray

    Professor Julie Gray

    • Antisene gene expression to produce transgenic plants with targeted mutations
    • Understanding mechanisms of plant cell signalling and intracellular communication

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  • Professor Julie Scholes

    Professor Julie Scholes

    • Molecular plant-symbiont interactions including angiosperm parasites (Striga and Orobanche), fungal pathogens and mycorrhizas
    • Bio-imaging: in vivo imaging of plant and fungal gene expression
    • Molecular microbial ecology of polluted aquifers
    • The role of biotic factors in the survival of tropical rainforest seedlings

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