Pests, diseases and weeds

P3 investigates the population dynamics of major fungal, bacterial, viral, insect and weed pests of crops, in order to understand and effectively predict outbreaks.

Researchers are studying the ecological and evolutionary interactions between pests, diseases and plants helps us in identifying pathways to resistance.

Investigations are underway to investigate how plant immune systems can be manipulated and chemical and biological methods to discover alternative to pesticides.

P3 are also studying how plants employ above- and below-ground signals to recruit natural enemies of pests and diseases.

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Pests, diseases and weeds research staff
  • Dr Stuart Campbell

    Dr Stuart Campbell

    • Adaptive evolution in plant populations
    • Plant-animal interactions
    • Chemical ecology of plant defence
    • Plant reproduction

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  • Professor Rob Freckleton

    Professor Rob Freckleton

    • Population modelling
    • Large scale ecology
    • Comparative analysis and evolutionary ecology

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  • Dr Dylan Childs

    Dr Dylan Childs

    • Life history theory
    • Structured population modelling
    • Host-parasite dynamics

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  • Professor Roger Butlin

    Professor Roger Butlin

    • Speciation
    • The paradox of sex
    • Evolution at range margins

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  • Professor Julie Gray

    Professor Julie Gray

    • Antisene gene expression to produce transgenic plants with targeted mutations
    • Understanding mechanisms of plant cell signalling and intracellular communication

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  • Professor Julie Scholes

    Professor Julie Scholes

    • Molecular plant-symbiont interactions including angiosperm parasites (Striga and Orobanche), fungal pathogens and mycorrhizas
    • Bio-imaging: in vivo imaging of plant and fungal gene expression
    • Molecular microbial ecology of polluted aquifers
    • The role of biotic factors in the survival of tropical rainforest seedlings

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  • Professor Michael-Siva Jothy

    Professor Michael-Siva Jothy

    • Ecological immunity
    • Sexual conflict
    • Reproductive immunity

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  • Dr Stephen Rolfe

    Dr Stephen Rolfe

    • Imaging plant function
    • The molecular biology of plant pathogen and symbiotic interactions
    • Plant responses to abiotic stress

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  • Professor Jonathan Leake

    Professor Jonathan Leake

    • Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling by mycorrhizas
    • Nitrogen pollution effects on grassland soils and vegetation
    • Functional interactions between symbiotic fungi and other organisms

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  • Professor Jurriaan Ton

    Professor Jurriaan Ton

    • Professor and ERC Research Fellow
    • Molecular signalling and (epi)genetic basis of priming of plant immunity
    • Ecological impacts and agricultural potential of induced resistance in plants
    • Chemical interactions between plants, microbes, and insects

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