Modelling and theoretical biology

modellingUsing theoretical approaches to understand dynamic processes, such as plant growth

Using theoretical approaches to understand evolutionary processes that shape plant populations and their attackers

Investigating the population dynamics of major fungal, bacterial, viral, insect and weed pests of crops to understand and effectively predict outbreaks

Modelling and theoretical biology research staff
  • Professor Mark Rees

    Professor Mark Rees

    • Impacts of plant invaders on communities and ecosystems
    • Management of plant invaders
    • Population and community dynamics

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  • Professor Rob Freckleton

    Professor Rob Freckleton

    • Population modelling
    • Large scale ecology
    • Comparative analysis and evolutionary ecology

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  • Dr Dylan Childs

    Dr Dylan Childs

    • Life history theory
    • Structured population modelling
    • Host-parasite dynamics

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  • Dr Eran Elhaik

    Dr Eran Elhaik

    • Population genetics (biogeography, population structure, DNA reconstruction)
    • molecular evolution (molecular clocks, evolution rates)
    • Genomics (genome evolution, phylogeny)
    • Epigenetics (methylation, gene expression, regulation)
    • Ecology

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