Genomics, proteomics and metabolomics

genomicsUsing forward and reverse genetics to identify regulatory genes of plant development and defence.

Studying epigenetic mechanisms, such as DNA methylation and non-coding RNAs, and their impacts on plant defence, development, and evolutionary processes

Studying interactions between genes, proteins and metabolites on the basis of an interactive ‘-omics platform’, involving genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, as well as targeted and untargeted metabolomics

Genomics, proteomics and metabolomics research staff
  • Dr Stuart Campbell

    Dr Stuart Campbell

    • Adaptive evolution in plant populations
    • Plant-animal interactions
    • Chemical ecology of plant defence
    • Plant reproduction

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  • Dr Heather Walker

    Dr Heather Walker

    • Mass Spectrometry Specialist
    • Metabolite Profiling and Metabolomics
    • Understanding metabolism in biological systems

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  • Dr Karim Sorefan

    Dr Karim Sorefan

    • Molecular mechanisms regulating plant development with a focus on linking miRNA and hormonal pathways
    • Developing exploitation of plants in areas of biotechnology and medicine

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  • Dr Lisa Smith

    Dr Lisa Smith

    • Trade-offs between plant development/growth and defence
    • Roles of carbohydrate-binding proteins in signalling networks
    • Motor proteins in plant development

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  • Dr Stuart Casson

    Dr Stuart Casson

    • The mechanisms that regulate plant development
    • Studying the biochemistry and enzymology of pigment biosynthesis

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  • Professor Andrew Fleming

    Professor Andrew Fleming

    • The molecular mechanism of plant morphogenesis
    • Leaf form and function
    • Developmental physiology and biochemistry

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  • Professor Roger Butlin

    Professor Roger Butlin

    • Speciation
    • The paradox of sex
    • Evolution at range margins

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  • Professor Julie Gray

    Professor Julie Gray

    • Antisene gene expression to produce transgenic plants with targeted mutations
    • Understanding mechanisms of plant cell signalling and intracellular communication

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  • Professor Julie Scholes

    Professor Julie Scholes

    • Molecular plant-symbiont interactions including angiosperm parasites (Striga and Orobanche), fungal pathogens and mycorrhizas
    • Bio-imaging: in vivo imaging of plant and fungal gene expression
    • Molecular microbial ecology of polluted aquifers
    • The role of biotic factors in the survival of tropical rainforest seedlings

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  • Professor Jurriaan Ton

    Professor Jurriaan Ton

    • Professor and ERC Research Fellow
    • Molecular signalling and (epi)genetic basis of priming of plant immunity
    • Ecological impacts and agricultural potential of induced resistance in plants
    • Chemical interactions between plants, microbes, and insects

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  • Professor Duncan Cameron

    Professor Duncan Cameron

    • Professor and Royal Society University Research Fellow
    • Mircrobes in sustainable agro-ecosystems
    • Soils and beneficial microbes
    • Biological chemistry

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