Climate change

climate-changeStudying the impacts of future climate change and extreme weather events on agricultural productivity

Studying how biodiversity and ecosystem services respond to agricultural management

Interacting with government and non-governmental organisations to shape policy

Climate change research staff
  • Professor Hamish Cunningham

    Professor Hamish Cunningham

    • Research Chair in Computer Science
    • Open source electronics for monitoring and control of soil-free agriculture
    • Aquaponics for sustainable cultivation and resilient communities

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  • Dr Janice Lake

    Dr Janice Lake

    • Plant Physiology and Climate change
    • Climate change mitigation: Carbon Capture and Storage
    • Remediation of industrial land – biomass production

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  • Professor Jonathan Leake

    Professor Jonathan Leake

    • Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling by mycorrhizas
    • Nitrogen pollution effects on grassland soils and vegetation
    • Functional interactions between symbiotic fungi and other organisms

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  • Professor Terry Callaghan

    Professor Terry Callaghan

    • Mechanisms of survival and adaptation in plants to arctic environments
    • Effect of enhanced UV-B radiation on arctic plant communities
    • Climate change impacts on organisms and ecosystems
    • Effect of CO2 concentrations on organisms and ecosystems

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