Climate change

P3 researchers are interested in the impacts of future climate change and extreme weather events on agricultural productivity. This includes studying how biodiversity and ecosystem services respond to different agricultural management and environments.

Our findings and recommendations can make a change and influence global food security for the future by interacting with government and non-governmental organisations to shape policy.

The Sir David Read Controlled Environment Facility has the capabilities to replicate plant growth conditions from any region around the world using real time weather data. The facilities can also simulate past climates, as well as predicted future climate conditions. Click here to find out more.

Climate change research staff
  • Professor Hamish Cunningham

    Professor Hamish Cunningham

    • Research Chair in Computer Science
    • Open source electronics for monitoring and control of soil-free agriculture
    • Aquaponics for sustainable cultivation and resilient communities

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  • Dr Janice Lake

    Dr Janice Lake

    • Plant Physiology and Climate change
    • Climate change mitigation: Carbon Capture and Storage
    • Remediation of industrial land – biomass production

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  • Professor Jonathan Leake

    Professor Jonathan Leake

    • Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling by mycorrhizas
    • Nitrogen pollution effects on grassland soils and vegetation
    • Functional interactions between symbiotic fungi and other organisms

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  • Professor Terry Callaghan

    Professor Terry Callaghan

    • Mechanisms of survival and adaptation in plants to arctic environments
    • Effect of enhanced UV-B radiation on arctic plant communities
    • Climate change impacts on organisms and ecosystems
    • Effect of CO2 concentrations on organisms and ecosystems

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