Climate change

climate-changeStudying the impacts of future climate change and extreme weather events on agricultural productivity

Studying how biodiversity and ecosystem services respond to agricultural management

Interacting with government and non-governmental organisations to shape policy

Climate change research staff
  • Professor Hamish Cunningham

    Professor Hamish Cunningham

    • Research Chair in Computer Science
    • Open source electronics for monitoring and control of soil-free agriculture
    • Aquaponics for sustainable cultivation and resilient communities

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  • Dr Janice Lake

    Dr Janice Lake

    • Plant Physiology and Climate change
    • Climate change mitigation: Carbon Capture and Storage
    • Remediation of industrial land – biomass production

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  • Professor Jonathan Leake

    Professor Jonathan Leake

    • Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycling by mycorrhizas
    • Nitrogen pollution effects on grassland soils and vegetation
    • Functional interactions between symbiotic fungi and other organisms

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  • Professor Lorraine Maltby

    Professor Lorraine Maltby

    • Freshwater ecotoxicology
    • Adaptation and acclimation to stress
    • Community structure and ecosystem functioning in streams

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  • Professor Charles Wellman

    Professor Charles Wellman

    • Ecophysiology of the earliest land plants
    • Environmental change associated with the origin of land plants and complex terrestrial ecosystems
    • Using spore wall chemistry as a paleo-proxy for terrestrial solar UV-B levels

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  • Dr Karl Evans

    Dr Karl Evans

    • Agricultural intensification
    • Climate change
    • Clutch size variation
    • Human population density and its relationship with biodiversity patterns
    • Introduced species
    • Species-energy relationships
    • Urbanisation

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  • Professor Philip Grime

    Professor Philip Grime

    • Long-term field manipulations of climate at the Buxton Laboratory
    • Analysis of the Bibury Record of year to year variation in vegetation
    • Experimental studies of plant invasion

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  • Dr David Edwards

    Dr David Edwards

    • Impacts of tropical land-use change on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
    • Sustainability of logging and agriculture in the tropics
    • Cost-effective conservation within the tropics
    • Interaction of climate and land-use changes on extinction risk

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  • Professor Philip Warren

    Professor Philip Warren

    • The structure and dynamics of food webs; in particular ecological and evolutionary mechanisms determining network structures
    • Community assembly dynamics: the roles of invasion and extinction as drivers of community change
    • Determinants of species richness within and between communities, and effects of species richness on community function

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  • Professor Terry Callaghan

    Professor Terry Callaghan

    • Mechanisms of survival and adaptation in plants to arctic environments
    • Effect of enhanced UV-B radiation on arctic plant communities
    • Climate change impacts on organisms and ecosystems
    • Effect of CO2 concentrations on organisms and ecosystems

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  • Dr Tom Webb

    Dr Tom Webb

    • Macroecology of marine systems Ecological applications of novel statistical techniques
    • Detecting the human footprint on large-scale ecological patterns
    • Ecological applications of novel statistical techniques

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  • Dr Andrew Beckerman

    Dr Andrew Beckerman

    • Scaling from behaviour to population dynamics
    • Dynamical consequences of predation risk
    • Food webs and foraging ecology

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  • Dr Gareth Phoenix

    Dr Gareth Phoenix

    • Impacts of climate change on Arctic plants and ecosystems
    • Plant nutrient acquisition and impacts on carbon and nutrient cycling
    • Nitrogen deposition impacts on ecosystem structure and function

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  • Professor David Beerling FRS

    Professor David Beerling FRS

    • Mechanisms of climate change in Earth history
    • Biotic evolution and extinction
    • Earth systems science

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