Our quest to make the UK’s most sustainable cup of coffee

Posted on October 25, 2018 in Uncategorised by . Share this article

Pictured: Prof. Duncan Cameron, Peter Anstess and Eddie Andrew after sharing the story of their inspirational collaboration for the University of Sheffield Sustainability week.

Prof. Duncan Cameron, co-Director of P3, has been working with industry partners to make the supply chain for coffee sold on the University of Sheffield campus as sustainable as possible.

Professor Cameron, who is the academic lead on sustainability at the University, hosted a talk for Sustainability Week entitled ‘The UK’s most sustainable cup of coffee’.

He was joined by Peter Anstess, General Manager of Retail Operations at the University, who has had an instrumental role in the project and is committed to bringing a more informed and conscientious procurement process to the University.

Eddie Andrew joined us from dairy farm Our Cow Molly, which proudly supplies the University’s cafes with fresh milk daily.

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