Tailored growth substrates for green roofs

Research Project: Developing low energy green roof technology

2011-2014 (Cameron and Phoenix)

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The University of Sheffield’s Green Roof Centre works in partnership with Boningale GreenSky to bring a fresh, plant-focused approach to green roofing. Boningale Nurseries is one of the leading suppliers to the British landscaping industry. It creates innovative, high-quality products and provides best-practice advice to designers and installers of green roofs.

Developing low energy green roof technologyThe research project combines the expertise of the University of Sheffield Green Roof Centre with 50 years’ growing experience at Boningale Nurseries to develop new green roof technologies that utilise green architecture in a range of different climates.

The project has developed new methods of growing plants that are fit for purpose, creating a new range of green roof substrates, scientifically tailored to specific climatic zones and different plant species. This pioneering, integrated approach has significantly contributed to the development of green roof technology.

Boningale now has new substrates on the market. These products, tailored for regional climate and roof type, will make substrate selection and specification more straightforward for customers, commercial specifiers and architects and will ensure higher success rates of productive green roofs in the UK in the future.

“This project is exciting for Boningale because it will provide reliable, scientific answers to questions that are very important to green roof designers and clients. It will enable us to establish our reputation as a leader by guiding the industry towards green roofs with much higher environmental performance, putting the expertise at the University into the hands of practitioners”.

Maggie Fennell, Green Roof, Project Manager at Boningale

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